Relics of the saints for January-February

New book coming

Happy to announce that I am going to be the co-author of a new book with the Rev. Richard Cannuli, O.S.A. The book is going to be about the sacred relics of the universal Church.

Holy Relics in Christianity

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On the Assumption – The belt of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Ex fascia - Bl Virgin Mary

On this the feast day of the Assumption of the Holy Theotokos, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, here is a relic of a small part of Her belt as it can be found at Mount Athos. This reliquary was sealed by the Augustinians. Second class relic.



The Gallery at Holy Relics – The Deification of Man

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New site: Holy Relics – The Deification of Man

Since there are a lot, I set up a new site for the relics, titled Holy Relics – The Deification of Man. Like that, the relics can be easily viewed and found without interference from other posts. So head over there to see over 60 first and second class relics and reliquaries that have been posted to date.

Saint Simeon the God-Receiver

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Ex ossibus - St Simeon Ex ossibus – St Simeon

Small piece of bone of Righteous Simeon the God-Receiver. The reliquary was sealed by the Augustinians. First class relic.

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Relics – 19 – Purple robe of Jesus Christ

Purple Tunic

On the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, above is a reliquary with a small piece of the purple robe of Our Lord Jesus Christ (De Purpurae), a very rare relic. Christ was forced to wear this robe after His scourging at the pillar, when the soldiers crowned Him with thorns and mocked Him, acclaiming, “Hail, King of the Jews!” (Mk 15:17). The small piece of the robe shown above is a second class relic and the reliquary was sealed by the Augustinians.

JUST OUT: The Warrior Prince – Saint Michael the Archangel

4* Review for Deification of Man in Christianity

Deification Front Cover“Although very concise, this small book offers a very good introduction to the Deification/Theosis of man, the very purpose of all our lives, particularly from the Eastern Orthodox perspective. It is replete with credible references, both biblical and from respected Eastern Orthodox saints, that together provide a sound basis for the postulation of the author, who here in this book attempts to represent the overarching view of the Eastern church to those less familiar or completely unacquainted. The book is readable within a couple of hours . . . [it] is recommended for those that would like a better understanding of Theosis but without having to encounter all the accompanying extraneous theological baggage.”


Relics – 18 – The Holy Shroud of Christ


Above is a reliquary showing a very small piece of the Holy Shroud of Jesus Christ (De Sindone), one of the most famous relics in history. You can read more about the Shroud here. The small piece shown above constitutes a second class relic and the reliquary was sealed by the Augustinians.

Relics – 17 – Virgin Mary, St Anthony, St Gallo, St Mary Magdalene

Our Lady's veil etc

Above is a multi-reliquary showing a fragment from the veil (ex velo) of the Blessed Virgin Mary and bone fragments (ex ossibus) of Saint Anthony of Padova, Saint Gallo the abbot and Saint Mary Magdalene. The fragment of the Virgin Mother’s veil shown above constitutes a second class, whereas the fragments of bone of Anthony, Gallo and Mary Magdalene constitute first class relics.

Relics – 16 – St Anthony of Padova

St Anthony of Padova

Above is a reliquary showing a bone fragment (ex ossibus) of Saint Anthony of Padova, the famous silver-tongued preacher and Scripture expert. You can read more about Anthony here. The fragment shown above constitutes a first class relic and the reliquary was sealed by the Augustinians.

Relics – 15 – St Gabriel of the Addolorata

Gabriel of the Addolorata

Above is a reliquary showing fragments from the body and the ashes (ex corpore et cineribus) of Saint Gabriel of the Addolorata, the flighty, rich, young man who left everything to follow his call and who died at the age of 24 years. You can read more about Gabriel here. The fragments shown above constitute a first class relic. The seal of the reliquary is that of the Passionists and the document attesting to the relic’s authenticity comes from the Passionist Fathers in Rome, Italy.