Is Malta the new China? The fall of Christianity in the Maltese archipelago

mapofmaltaAs of today in the archipelago of the Maltese Islands, it is a criminal offense, punishable by fines and jail time, to speak of the homosexual orientation, its variants and their expression as a disorder, disease, or shortcoming of any kind. You can read more about it here. And this in the small set of islands that had welcomed Saint Paul and Christianity when he was shipwrecked on his way to Rome for trial (Acts 27, chapters 27-28).

The above begs the following questions from both my hats as a clinician and a Catholic of Maltese origin:

  1. What is going to now happen in Malta to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, since in it the homosexual orientation itself is defined and described with great clarity as “intrinsically disordered?” Is the Catechism, released by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana and regarded as an elaborate blueprint of Christianity in the Latin Rite Church, going to be outlawed or censored in any way because of this legislation? In what manner are members of the Catholic Church and/or those who profess the Catholic faith going to be affected, in relation to their ability to practice and/or teach the faith as established by Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God?
  2. What is going to happen in Malta to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, used by clinicians and mental healthcare professionals worldwide for diagnoses of clinical conditions, since ego-dystonic gender identity disorder is classified as a pathological condition in the Manual?
  3. How is the government of Malta going to amend the laws of Malta in relation to the licensing/warranting of medical, healthcare, and allied healthcare professionals? Since the government, in this instance, has usurped the role of said professionals by determining, via legislative means, what is and what is not a mental health disorder – a competence and a privilege reserved in first world nations (of which Malta is one) for those licensed/warranted to make such a determination in the first instance based on their medical and/or psychological education?

Many more questions come to mind, but the above for now suffice.


Now is the time to return to God

We were made by God, for God. Not for men or for ideologies of whatever stripe. Now is the time to return to God as it is one last chance; a breather. It is time to stand up for what is real, rather than the glitter of false coin.

To women’s ordination advocates

I have three words for these ladies and their supporters:

Patriarchy Will Not Have the Last Word

Get a life!

The icon of Our Lady of Springfield


The 9″ x 12″ original icon of Our Lady of Springfield, shown herewith, has been stolen. If anyone out there has any kind of information about it, please get in touch with me. Thank you.

The absence of humility in affluent churches 


Flash and pizzazz. Plush semicircular, semi reclining benches with deep cushions. Sloping floor, lighting and seating a la cine theater auditorium. Ushers and extraordinary ministers of communion galore, countless rules and regulations. Men in suits, starched white shirts and ties; women dressed up to the nines as though attending a gala event at the Metropolitan Opera. An entrance and a hallway almost the size of the church itself.

But where is God?

There He is, caged not only in the tabernacle, but also behind the decorative glass paneling; doubly caged. And not even deserving of a single flower to His name despite all the flash and pizzazz!

God? Who is God? Do we even care about Him and about having just a tiny, little bit of humility? Oh, who cares! The important thing, it seems, is that we show just how much money we all have; how loaded we are…

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The Cajun Storm: God’s Servant First

I don’t normally recommend books here, but once again I’m making an exception for this one. It’s excellent and addresses Catholic Social Doctrine praxis and Christian leadership in today’s world, especially in the face of disaster and the abdication of genuine leadership. In brief, read the book, learn from it, and put things into practice.

Pope Francis on gender ideology

We are experiencing a moment of the annihilation of man as the image of God . . . In Europe, America, Latin America, Africa, and in some countries of Asia, there are genuine forms of ideological colonization taking place. And one of these – I will call it clearly by its name – is [the ideology of] “gender.” Today children – children! – are taught in school that everyone can choose his or her sex. Why are they teaching this? Because the books are provided by the persons and institutions that give you money. These forms of ideological colonization are also supported by influential countries. And this terrible!

In a conversation with Pope Benedict, who is in good health and very perceptive, he said to me: “Holiness, this is the age of sin against God the Creator.” He is very perceptive. God created man and woman. God created the world in a certain way… and we are doing the exact opposite. God gave us things in a “raw” state, so that we could shape a culture; and then with this culture, we are shaping things that bring us back to the “raw” state! Pope Benedict’s observation should make us think: “This is the age of sin against God the Creator.”

(Source: Address to the Polish Bishops, 27 July, 2016).

Should Christians apologize to homosexuals? Response to Pope Francis by man who is gay

Although the priests who were stationed there [Most Holy Redeemer Church, San Francisco, CA] kindly buried the lifeless and wasted bodies of our friends, in an age when few were willing to do so, they confused a compassion for the sick and the dead with a total renunciation of any semblance to Catholic teaching about homosexuality. They wanted to be our friends, not our fathers.

Mea Culpa: Should the Catholic Church apologize to gays? is the response to Pope Francis of Joseph Sciambra, a man who is also Catholic and homosexual, in relation to the Pope’s call a few days ago during a plane presser that Christians should apologize to gays. Please click on the link to read about the plain, hard, cold reality that so many still deny even within the Church.

Children not needing mothers and fathers is demonic idolatry

It is demonic idolatry that says children do not need mothers and fathers – Robert, Cardinal Sarah

The words of keynote speaker Robert, Cardinal Sarah; Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship, Vatican City State, during the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, Washington, D.C. (May 17, 2016).

All manner of immorality is not only accepted and tolerated today in advanced societies, it is even promoted as a social good . . . This is not an ideological war between competing ideas. This is about defending ourselves, children and future generations from the demonic idolatry that says children do not need mothers and fathers. It denies human nature and wants to cut off an entire generation from God.

The entire world looks to you, waiting and praying to see what America resolves on the present unprecedented challenges the world faces today. Such is your influence and responsibility . . . make use of the freedom willed by your founding fathers lest you lost it . . . should not a biological man use the men’s restroom? How simpler can that concept be? George Washington wrote that the establishment of civil and religious liberty was the motive that induced him into the field of battle. Today we find ourselves before the battle of sickness . . . The battle to preserve the roots of mankind is perhaps the greatest challenge the world has faced since its origins. Be prophetic, be faithful, pray for the soul of America and to help stem the tide of evil that spreading throughout the world. For in the end, it is God or nothing.


A must-read for everyone in our times

As you all know, I do not ever endorse books here by contemporary writers of whatever stamp or genre. However, as both a Christian and a writer, I am going to make a very public exception in this one case. Below is the preview video of a nonfiction book titled The Storm: A Time of Mercy, Choices and Hope. It is written by Catholic American entrepreneur, speaker, and writer James A. Toups, who is also a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.

I have read this book twice already and declare without reservation that its content is inspired. It is spot on in relation to the global storm we are presently going through and the wisdom contained within is much needed by the lost souls, boys, and men of today’s world, so that they do not despair in what is coming our way. Watch the video and read the book. You will be thankful you did.

The Gospel of Life – 2

When the sense of God is lost, “enclosed in the narrow horizon of his physical nature, man is somehow reduced to being ‘a thing,’ and no longer grasps the transcendent character of his existence as man. He no longer considers life as a splendid gift of God, something ‘sacred’ entrusted to this responsibility, thus also to his loving care and ‘veneration.’ Life itself becomes a mere ‘thing,’ which man claims as his exclusive property, completely subject to his control and manipulation.

“In relation to life at birth and death, man is no longer capable of posing the question of the truest meaning of his own existence, nor can he assimilate with genuine freedom these crucial moments of his own history. He is concerned only with ‘doing,’ and using all kinds of technology, he busies himself with programming, controlling, and dominating birth and death. Birth and death, instead of being primary experiences demanding to be lived, become things to be merely ‘possessed’ or ‘rejected'” (John Paul II, 1995, Evangelium Vitae, 22).

The Gospel of Life

“When the sense of God is lost, the sense of man is also threatened and poisoned . . . when God is forgotten, the creature itself grows unintelligible. Man is no longer able to see himself as mysteriously different from other earthly creatures; he regards himself merely as one more living being, as an organism which, at most, has reached a very high stage of perfection” (John Paul II, 1995, Evangelium Vitae, 22).

Gender ideology harms children – Official declaration of the ACP

For those it may concern, the American College of Pediatricians has recently released an initial official statement about the objective reality of gender ideology as none other than the abuse of children. You can read more about it here: Gender Ideology Harms Children. A full statement will reportedly be published in summer.

Happy Easter to all my readers

resurrection icon

Happy Easter, Christ is risen!