The beauty of the soul in Our Father’s hands

When we present our soul to God the Father, after having freely and deliberately consented to give ourselves to Him, we find ourselves kneeling before His Infinite Majesty; facing Him with the soul on the palms of our uplifted hands. The Alpha and Omega sits regally on His throne, facing us in immense splendor and Omnipotence, while Jesus stands closely to His right, with Mary standing next to Jesus in turn. God the Father, Jesus and Mary all look at us patiently, silently but most intently; awaiting the handing over of our soul to the Father, so that it may become fully His property. Meanwhile our Father radiates a most luminous and indescribable, albeit veiled, beauty that both extends and envelops all surroundings. Our soul resembles a clear orb of light that we hold up humbly and supplicatingly in front of, and to, our Father with our hands. With the degree of clarity, luminosity and reflectivity of the orb that is our soul manifesting to what extent we have been successful, in re-purifying our soul from the darkness of sin, through the combined effort of grace and receptivity to our Father’s grace in our lives.

We proceed to bow profoundly to His Majesty, approaching slowly on our knees toward the steps of the throne upon which our Almighty Father resides. With courage, humble trust and filial love in our hearts, we lift up our eyes to gaze directly upon our Heavenly Father, while stretching out our uplifted hands, with the orb of our soul; to give to Him for safekeeping and tending. Our Father benignly, but none-the-less majestically, arises from His throne and graciously descends the steps of the latter to meet us. Taking both for and to Himself that clear orb of light, faith, trust and hope that is our soul. As we continue kneeling there with our uplifted faces, gazing with unearthly stillness upon our Father’s Light and beauty, God the Father then proceeds to slowly ascend back upon His throne, while very tenderly and lovingly tucking away the orb of the soul closely into His left side. He does this to preserve the soul with great vigilance and joy in, by and through His loving Presence.

(Excerpt from The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2011).