The balm of the Father’s Divine Heart

Infinite Love defines the Divine Heart of God the Father, for the Triune God Is the fullness of Love. Love indescribably limpid, pure, soothing and sweet; so complete in its fullness that it serves as sorely needed balm for our souls. Many of us have both injured and continue injuring our souls, not caring what we do or have done as long as we satisfy ourselves. In fact we have become extremely good at attending to every aspect of our exterior lives, at the specific expense of our interior lives. However, Our Father has never abandoned nor forgotten us: He keeps on chasing us even in these days of generalized defiance, rebellion, coldness, indifference and hatred toward Him. God the Almighty Father is acting in this manner so that He can heal our wounded souls with the balm of His very own Life, in and through the mercy of His most Divine Heart.

(Excerpt from The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2011).