The sweetness of the Father

Many in our post-Christian day and age think that God the Father is a myth Who both belongs solely in, and should be confined to, the historical books of Scripture. Others believe that our Father is virtually inaccessible, having spoken through the prophets and His Son Jesus in all the centuries that have gone by; whereas different others fear our Father as the vengeful and irate God that seems to predominate in the Old Testament. That God often portrayed as tending toward annihilating all and sundry, whenever His Wrath is aroused by the prideful lack of repentance of His people. However, our Father is none of the above.

God the Father is very much alive and active, the Almighty of Heaven and earth, whose Being is timeless and ageless, looking no different than His Son. Our Father is beautiful Splendor, with His beauty being infinitely breathtaking, vigorous and sweet. It can be safely said that sweetness is the second most defining, felt characteristic of God the Father – the first is Love – within the context of His intimate relationships with His adoptive children. Our Father has never stopped speaking to His children, both directly and indirectly, because the greatest delight of His Divine Heart is in being truly intimate with His children as Father. He is firm, as the real Father should be, but immensely sweet, tender, and incredibly generous; to the extent that whenever we give Him something – no matter how small this may be, as long as it is from our hearts – He will not be outdone in generosity. He proceeds to shower us with gifts of grace and otherwise, that we cannot even begin to fathom, in recompense for having given Him a little of our love.

(Excerpt from The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2011).