The deification of man – 3

The Divine Light, “This uncreated, eternal, divine, and deifying light is grace, for the name of grace also refers to divine energies insofar as they are given to us and accomplish the work of our deification.” According to Palamas, “Illumination or divine and deifying grace is not essence, but the energy of God . . . [because] grace is not only a function; it is more than a relation of God to man; far from being an action or an effect produced by God in the soul, it is God Himself, communicating Himself and entering into ineffable union with man . . . This divine experience is given to each according to his measure and can be more or less profound, depending on the worthiness of those who experience it” (In V. Lossky, [1974], In the image and likeness of God, p. 59).