A God madly in love

Our Father is a God who is madly in love with us: a Love that needs to be intimately and fully experienced, in order to be believed. However, many of us either experience difficulty comprehending this, or deliberately continue to refuse to understand such a fundamental reality. Not only did our Father, in essence, crucify part of Himself more than two thousand years ago, in and through the person of His Son Jesus, in order to redeem us from our ancestral fall and reconcile us fully with Himself. Now our Eternal Father is generously and benevolently deigning to descend directly Himself from His Heavenly Kingdom, in order to literally show us the rapid and deep palpitations of Infinite Love and tenderness, that He has for us in His Divine Heart. Let us not, therefore, wound such Love any further by continuing to refuse to return to live in His Divine Will: the Will of His ever-loving Heart.

(From The Divine Heart of God the Father2011).