Infinite Love is His Name

Infinite Love is the Name of God our Almighty Father; He is Tenderness, Softness, Sweetness and Gentleness. And yet, despite all this Love, all this boundless goodness and generosity – and for free, too – you stay away. You stay away, you remain detached and distant from your Omnipotent Father who created you and who loves you. He loves you with Love that you cannot even begin to attempt to fathom. Why, therefore, why is it that you continue to stay away, despite His boundless Love for you? A tenderness, sweetness, softness and gentleness that you have never truly experienced the full extent of, precisely because of your closed heart and mind. Why? Why do you continue treating your Heavenly Father like this, when He is possibly the only Person who really and truly loves you? That is, with genuine love rather than conditional love. Try Him, therefore, try getting close to your One, True, Almighty Father. Stay away no more, for you are only cheating yourself.