The Third Ark

Upon consenting to give ourselves to God the Father, we become His living arks – His little temples – on earth (2 Co 6:16) and our Father becomes the Ark Himself. But what is the Third Ark? An ark is both the residence of the Presence of God and His haven of rest among His people, reciprocally providing the latter with the Father’s undying Light and unfailing guidance, in order to shepherd them effectively to safety. A physical example of the ark was that of Noah with whom God the Father established His first covenant (Gn 6:18, 9:9-17), after having commanded him to build and enter into the ark with two members of all types of species, so that these would be safeguarded from the global purification of the earth during the Deluge (Gn 6:5-22, 7:1-23). In fact, Noah and his family remained safe throughout the purification of the earth at the time, despite the fear they experienced and the destruction of all iniquities and other people.

Through the instrumentality of the First Ark of God the Father, both Moses and Aaron safely and effectively shepherded the people of Israel (God’s first-born children; Ex 4:22) through the pain, suffering, and bloodshed of the first Passover and exodus from Egyptian slavery. All through the desert of Sinai, where the Father’s covenant with Noah was ratified in and through the Decalogue, until the Israelites had reached the Promised Land (Jos 1:1-5). In fact, in the Old Testament, we see numerous instances of the Ark of the Covenant proceeding regularly in front of the Israelites, in order to open up the battle-lines for them, so that they could achieve victory.

Meanwhile, through the instrumentality of the Second Ark of Mary (CCC 2676; Rv 12:1-2), from whom Jesus was born through the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, Jesus effectively shepherded the new People of God (CCC 781; Paul VI, 1964, Lumen Gentium; Rv 5:9-10) through the pain, suffering, and bloodshed of the second Passover and exodus of all mankind from spiritual slavery. All through the desert way from Cana, through Calvary, to Golgotha, where God the Father established His new and everlasting Covenant with us (CCC 1612; Lk. 22:20), in and through the Lamb’s Crucifixion and death, to re-open for us the gate through which we could access that promised land of the fullness of our Inheritance (Paul VI, 1964, Lumen Gentium). Neither in this instance, in fact, did the Father remove His people from the world. But, through His Son and Mary as the residence and haven of both God and all of mankind (Jn 19:26-27), He protected them from the Evil One (Jn 17:15); a protection and shepherding that continue to this day.

Through the instrumentality of the Third Ark, which is the Seal of God the Father for our souls (Rv 3:10-12), the Eternal Father is – through, with, and in the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the co-redemptive haven of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and the binding unity of the Holy Spirit – effectively shepherding all His children through the pain, suffering, and bloodshed of the third Passover and exodus from the spiritual slavery of our times. All through the desert way of neo-paganism, the abomination of desolation, and global purification of the earth from its present iniquities (Dn 8 & 9, 11 & 12; Rv. 6 to 9, 11, 13 & 14, 16 & 18); to the promised land of both the individual and full collective coming of the New Israel (Rv 3, 21-22), together with the giving of the new name (Rv 2:17, 21:3-4) to the children of God. As has occurred historically, all the aforementioned has started occurring under our own eyes while we remain on the face of this earth, with one of the entries into the Third Ark being consecration to God the Father.

(From The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2011).