What is deification?

Deification is:
  • Being as much as possible like and in union with God (Dionysus the Aeropagite);
  • Participation in the deifying, essential energies of God (Gregory Palamas) – Divine grace, the deifying energy of the Spirit; 
  • Participation in the Kingdom of God, theoria of the Uncreated Light (Met. Hierotheos);
  • Providing by grace to man, characteristics that belong to God by nature;
  • Becoming without beginning or end, no longer living the life that begins and ends (Maximus the Confessor), through union with God;

Deification results in man receiving through the Holy Spirit “foreknowledge of the future, understanding of mysteries, apprehension of what is hidden, distribution of spiritual gifts, heavenly citizenship, a place in the chorus of angels, joy without end, abiding in God, being made like God, and, highest of all, being made god” (Basil the Great).