Envy – Some outcomes

Envy in individuals – a derivative of pride – results in some of the following outcomes:


  1. A carnal life – life of the flesh – because the fruits of envy are the opposite of the fruits of the Holy Spirit;
  2. Spiritual blindness, as “the Lord blinds the envious nous, because it is resentful of its neighbor’s blessings” (Gregory of Sinai). It should be recalled that the nous is the heart of the soul, or better, “the eye of the soul, by which the soul beholds the glory of God” (Met. Hierotheos, 2010, The science of spiritual medicine, p. 128);
  3. Loss of faith (ibid.);
  4. Lack of love, because “the envious man cannot and does not want to love” (ibid., p. 129);
  5. The destruction of the the envious individual already has, because “envy consumes the soul that bears it” (Maximus the Confessor);
  6. Injury and harm to those who are the recipients of the envious individual’s acts.

Meanwhile, St Nikitas Stihatos said that envious individuals “are consumed with jealousy against those who have received the grace of the Spirit in the form of wisdom and divine knowledge” (In The science of spiritual medicine, p. 129). Satan, in fact, urged our First Parents to violate God’s commandment “out of envy for God and us” (Maximus the Confessor), because he did not want God to deify man and man to achieve full communion with God, since only man, of all creation, can participate in the deifying graces, energies, of God and become god by grace. According to Met. Hierotheos, “all those who patiently endure . . . the envious disposition . . . [of others] will gain a martyr’s crown” (p. 132).