Why we can become deified

Three reasons exist in the New Testament as to why we humans, not gods by nature, can become deified by grace; by partaking in the Divine nature. The reasons are as follows: 

  1. Man is made in God’s image and can attain to His likeness;
  2. God in His Second Person – Jesus Christ – became incarnate in order than He could assume human nature unto Himself and deify it in all its aspects;
  3. The Church, which is both the Divine and human Body of Christ, exists (Met. Hierotheos, 2010, The science of spiritual medicine, pp. 459-462).

Meanwhile, we should recall that “deification is invisible if there is no matter to receive the divine manifestation” (Gregory Palamas). This because deification commences in this life, as “No one will be one with Christ or a member of Christ unless in this life he has come to share in divine grace and has the form of truth and knowledge in himself” (Gregory of Sinai).