Meeting the Divine Light – 13

“God is called Light not according to His essence, but according to His energy” (Gregory Palamas). The Divine Light, therefore, is “a datum of mystical experience . . . the visible character of the divinity, of the energies in which God communicates Himself and reveals Himself to those who have purified their hearts. This light or illumination which surpasses intelligence and the senses is not of the intellectual order . . . neither is it of the sensible order . . . [but it] simultaneously fills reason and the senses, manifesting itself to the total man, and not to just one of his faculties” (Lossky, V. 1974. In the image and likeness of God, p. 58).

The Divine Light, uncreated and eternal, is “grace, for the name of grace also refers to divine energies insofar as they are given to us and accomplish the work of our deification . . . The perfect vision of divinity becoming perceptible as Uncreated Light, which is the divinity, is the ‘mystery of the eighth day’ . . . [However, those] who are united with God, may come even in this life to a vision of ‘the Kingdom of God coming in power,’ as did the disciples on Mount Tabor” (pp. 59, 161).