How Satan works

Satan – the Devil – fights us methodically, attempting to find our blind spots, our weakest points and when he finds them, he focuses all his rage and hatred on them, because that is where we are most vulnerable, most likely to fall. However, because he does not what, precisely, will bring down a soul, he “sows without knowing what he will reap” (Met. Hierotheos. 2010. The science of spiritual medicine, p. 221).

Thus, where Satan “cannot move a soul with poverty, he sets riches before it as a bait. If he cannot achieve anything through abuse and insults, he tries praise and glory. When he is defeated by good health, he makes the body sick. When he is unable to deceive by means of sensual pleasures, he tries to do so through involuntary sufferings and sorrows” (ibid.).

In other words, he attempts to defeat us in any way he can and he stops at nothing to achieve his aim. He likes trophies to parade, as symbols of his victories, and we are the trophies he seeks to attain.