Meeting the Divine Light – 15

The Divine Light “is not the essence of God, for that is inaccessible and incommunicable . . . Sometimes it makes a man go out from the body or else, without separating him from the body, it elevates him to an ineffable height. At other times, it transforms the body and communicates its own splendor to it when, miraculously, the light which deifies the body becomes accessible to the bodily eyes . . . Sometimes the light “speaks” clearly, as it were with ineffable words, to him who contemplates it . . . It descends from the elevated place where it dwells, so that He who is His own nature from eternity is neither visible to nor containable by any being may, in a certain measure, be contained by a created nature” (Gregory Palamas and Gregory the Theologian, in Palamas, G. 1983. The triads).


  • The subject of “such an illumination constitutes an overwhelming experiential impact, yet permanently defies intellectual analysis” (ibid.).