Spiritual health and illness – 5 – Spiritual maturity

A person who is spiritually healthy, spiritually mature, is one in whom the Holy Spirit is allowed to act fully. Thus, one who is spiritually healthy:

  1. “is intoxicated with God’s love . . . [he] can sense God’s love in both joy and sorrow, in suffering and delight . . . [The heart of his or her soul, the] nous is anchored in God and does not budge, whatever external difficulties exist” (Met. Hierotheos. 2010. The science of spiritual medicine, pp. 278-279). The spiritually healthy person seeks to do God’s Will at every moment of his life not to avoid Hell or gain Heaven, but because “he feels that he is a child of God and wants to please his Father” (p. 279);
  2. “overlooks his own rights in order to uphold God’s justice . . . [he] refers everything to God . . . [Moreover, when he bears injustice with joy], inwardly , he receives God’s consolation and comfort. And when God comforts, He does so lavishly” (p. 280);
  3. “does not struggle to be humble . . . [since] he is automatically humble” (p. 281);
  4. rejects any kind of bad thoughts against others, converting them into good thoughts, no matter who the others are and regardless of what they may have done;
  5. lives prevailingly “the life of the age to come” (p. 282).