Spiritual health and illness – 6 – Spiritual illness

When a person is spiritually unhealthy, spiritually ill, the heart of his soul – the nous – ends up being directed and dominated by reason, deifying the latter, instead of imbuing reason with grace, thus achieving the appropriate balance between faith and reason. Attuning our nous, the heart of our soul, through purifying and redirecting it toward God, therefore, needs to be our first priority, in addition to regular sacramental confession.

Attuning and redirecting our nous toward God used to be considered the prime aim of the ascetical life. But these days we do not need to go that route, if we desire to achieve this, because a simpler and much faster way has, indeed, been given to us by God the Father, for precisely this purpose in our times. This simpler and faster way consists in repurifying and reconsecrating ourselves to God through the Holy Octave of Purification and Consecration to God the Father, with genuineness and sincerity of heart and mind, after sacramental confession.