To the stones of the world

Love exists no longer now because the world has become extremely cold. And yet it would not need to be so, had you to return into God the Father’s arms. “Return, return” Our Father says; indeed He will set you completely free. Yet you neither return nor listen, because your heart has turned to stone. 

What has the world bribed you with, to have made you sell your heart away? Money, power, and position? Or the vanity of your ‘true’ friends? Do you value life so cheaply, that you have thrown yourself away? Or is it that you are ‘considering,’ ever thinking but never doing?

Do you want Life? “I’ll give it to you,” Our Father says. Do you want Love? “I’ll give you more than you ever thought.” Do you want Freedom? Yes, oh yes, this with certainty you shall indeed have! And finally do you want Liberty? For even this you will completely get.

Yet you sure seem to want none of these, despite espousing that you do. Because you cannot even face yourself, you lie in depth to your very own self. At least be honest, friend, at least be completely honest with yourself! Because engaging in self-deceit is not good for the soul, despite claiming that you do not lie.

“I see right through you,” friend, yet you do not see yourself. Hence your trouble is believing, when believing is indeed seeing. Whatever you want Our Father will give it to you, insofar as you return. For only in returning will you ever be able to truly Live again.