The futility of deified rationalism

“In wishing to know everything in a completely or merely rational manner, the human being is left with only that aspect of the world and of the human body that understands humans as objects. Left with a narrowly rational knowledge of nature and of his fellow humans, the human being has detached knowledge from the understanding of creation as the gift of God and from the love of God as the one who is continuously bestowing creation as gift, providing the human being with his neighbors as partners in a dialogue of love” (Staniloae, D. 2000. The experience of God: The world: Creation and deification, p. 175).

“The exclusively rational knowledge of the world to which man has been reduced and which comes to him by separating, limiting, and generalizing does not provide him with knowledge of the whole of existence, nor does it obtain for him the spiritual life in its integrity, for it leaves the human being outside of communion with the supreme Subject and with his fellow humans as subjects” (ibid.).