Why Satan and his minions hate us

Satan “being the vessel of all evil, he has also received the sickness of envy, and he envied our honor. For he could not stand our carefree life in paradise. Therefore, by deceiving man with tricks and evil methods and by making deceptive use of the desire in man to attain to the likeness of God, he showed him the tree and promised him that he would become like God by eating from it . . . He was not created as our enemy, but he became our enemy through envy . . . Nothing is sweeter to the hostile spirits than to bring the envied man, honored with the divine image, down to such a shameful state as to bow down to what is inferior to him and to take pride in perversion, corruption, and death” (Basil the Great, God is not the Author of evil 8, PG 31.348A-B).