The beauty of God the Father – Infinite Love

Part 1

Firm and tender, irreplaceably sweet and gently caressing, is the beauty of Infinite Love; wrapping up, solidly, in His undying Embrace, all those who desire and seek Him with heartfelt genuineness. Never since the Old Testament era has Infinite Love made Himself so felt and available to everyone, in His First Person, flinging wide open those doors of that immense storehouse of His, in which are found His ineffable graces.

Come and take your fill, therefore, says our Father. Come and adorn your soul with beauty, goodness, beneficence and endless providence, within the mighty Arms of Infinite Love Himself. Do not delay to come and embellish your soul, for there will come a time when He will turn His Face away from us and His storehouse will be closed, as part of His Divine Justice. At that time, all those who request to receive graces from our Father will sadly be left unanswered, because we will have squandered that time allotted to us, the present time, in order for us to ‘get it together.’ Hesitate no more, therefore, in returning to our Father’s Heart, that is overflowing with infinite love, so that the most vital parts of our beings – our souls – can be fully endowed with our Father’s heavenly treasures.

Part 2

Stepping into the Divine Will of God the Father by deliberately acceding to enter into the boundless confines of His Heart, we enter to live in the Essence who is the ocean of Infinite Love. We become fully immersed in Love Himself: clothed with Him from head to toe, with love both penetrating and oozing from every fiber of our being, serving as a multicolored lens through which we come to perceive every happening, both past and present, in our lives.

When the effulgent Light, both of and who Is our Almighty Father, opens up and enters to reside in the heart of our souls, the ineffable peace, joy and happiness of Heaven penetrate solidly into the core of our beings, causing us to experience impenetrable calmness, lucidity and peace, even in the face of some of the most distressing of human experiences. We become literally rooted in our Father as He so ardently desires. We come to love, despite our stubborn resistance to Love, through fusion with our Father, from the heart of our souls to the Core of His Divine Heart, in, with and through an immeasurably intense flame of Light and Love: Life upon which the entire universe subsists.

It is through the aforementioned process that we can genuinely state that we are not solely living for or with God, but living in and through God, for unless Love Himself graciously deigns to descend into us first, warming us up from our deathly coldness, as mere human beings we are incapable of giving even a modicum of love back to anyone, let alone to our Heavenly Father. Only in and through Love, can we truly come to know the inherent Truth who constitutes love; truth that makes us genuinely capable of selflessly and wholeheartedly loving our enemies more than our own selves. This is the real meaning of living and being in Infinite Love.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd rev. ed.).