The need for filial trust

How often do we abandon ourselves in our Father’s Hands and Will, with the entireties of our minds, hearts, bodies and souls, not knowing, in fact, what the short-term outcome of such filial abandonment will be? That is, the abandonment inherent in and characteristic of the true simplicity and filial trust of a child, in the infinitely loving, immeasurably tender, protectively vigilant and benevolent Father. A childlike abandonment, simplicity and trust that the Divine Heart of our Omnipotent Father most deeply desires and requests from us without cease, so that He can truly fulfill, both within us and in the world around us, His paternal and parental functions.

How many times do we allow ourselves to be literally led by God the Father, in both the gross and fine details of our daily lives, by following His lead wholeheartedly, despite not knowing ahead of time what is going to happen? How many times do we let ourselves be similarly led by our Father with the fullness of our hearts and minds, even when we suspect that the outcome could be decidedly against our expectations: even in the face of an outcome, or suspected outcome, that would appear to seemingly go against all kinds of reason? Precisely that blinkered reason in fact, for we do not know God’s plan, that we so proudly love employing both with ourselves and others, to rationalize and justify the goodness of our decisions and actions.

As human beings living in a post-industrialized world, we have a very distinct, albeit cultivated, impulse to know things ahead of time. When we do not know them, we seek with every ounce of our efforts to know them, to be able to control the outcomes of all events in our lives according to our desires. This impulse is especially prevalent in the Western world, whereby both the intrinsic individual and systemic worldviews are ones predominantly of power and control – both of self and others – to get ahead. But this impulse is directly incompatible with the desires of our Father’s Divine Heart, because the said impulse to know, especially to know with certainty, serves nothing but to hinder, partially or completely, our ability to develop and maintain a true relationship of intimacy with our Father, by abandoning ourselves with complete filial trust in His Divine Heart and Hands. We prevent ourselves from participating in the marvel that is the process of mutual, true glorification of God by His children, and of the children of God by the Father Himself, because one of the main keys that unlocks our capacity to enact and fulfill our Father’s Divine Will, is to let ourselves rest passively and fully in His Heart; so that we can be effectively led by our Father, at every step of the way in our lives.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd rev. ed.).