Spiritual health and God the Father’s providence

Only those who are spiritually healthy are fully aware that our Heavenly Father’s uncreated providence is present both everywhere and in everything that happens in our lives, because even when we are tempted with the greatest of possible temptations, God the Father still continues to direct our lives through His providence – if we let Him. In this day and age of chronic, relativistic subjectivism, we should remember that “not even the demons or ravaging beasts or men hardened in evil can ruin and destroy as they wish unless the bidding of Him Who governs permits it” (Isaac the Syrian). We should also remember that Our Father expressly wills some things to happen to us according to His pleasure, as part of His providence toward us, whereas He will permit other things not so pleasant in nature to happen to us, in order to bring a greater good out of them for us, for others and for the Kingdom (John of Damascus).

(Source: Met. Hierotheos. 2010. The science of spiritual medicine).