Living in Infinite Love

Living in the infinite love of God the Father’s Divine Heart, we experience a freedom, a liberation, of both soul and spirit previously unknown. All the shackles of our past are broken and the impossible becomes possible, whereas the dullest of tasks becomes joyous. Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness inundate our whole being, regardless of what we may be doing, leading us to live our daily lives joined to Heaven while still living on earth.

Being joined with Heaven, however, does not adequately describe the felt experience of what actually happens to us, when we enter to live in the Divine Heart of God our Father. For the Spirit of our Father, Who emerges from the Core of the Father’s Heart, literally joins our souls to Himself, leading both our Father and ourselves to live not solely with each other, but in each other, at every moment of our lives. We become small containers of goodness that suddenly find themselves completely immersed in and filled with the infinite ocean of Goodness, Sweetness, Love and Peace; a verbally inexpressible infinity of Love, Beneficence, Tenderness, Joy and Happiness that cannot be found elsewhere.

This is the real meaning of the beginning of the coming of our Father’s Kingdom on earth, the New Israel, when by our fiat we consent that God the Father infuses these qualities of Heaven into our souls, making such qualities the very essence of the heart of our souls. The Goodness, Sweetness, Love, Peace, Beneficence, Tenderness, Joy and Happiness of the Father ceaselessly overflow and radiate onto everything we do henceforth, making us small, but ever-growing, beacons of light amidst the pathways of this darkness-saturated world.

We enter into a harmonious rhythm of back-and-forth dance, fully in keeping with and confirming of the natural order, whereby both our Father and ourselves take immeasurable delight in reciprocally glorifying each other. We utter extremely joyous and most intimate, profound calls of adoration and love to our infinitely loving and tender Father who is our God – the epitome of heart-to-Heart communication – both the origin and spurring of the said calls within ourselves come directly from and through the Holy Spirit. Working and living in this manner, therefore, we not only spiritualize, but actively divinize, everything we do in our daily lives, because it is not solely ourselves who are acting in the moment but God the Father Himself is acting in us, with us, through us and for us, as we live in Him, with Him, through Him and for Him. Such is the process through which we glorify our Father in His Essence and Presence, in and through that epitome of relationships that is the child-Father relationship.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd ed.).