The Almighty Divine Solver

What does loving God the Father mean for us, His children, down here on earth? It means sharing silently with Our Father, all throughout the day and from the core of our beings, everything – both good and bad – that happens to us in our daily lives and that we hold in our hearts, minds and souls. For in intimately sharing and filially trusting, with diligence, our Father in the above manner, we freely and voluntarily open up space for the Heavenly Father to lovingly respond to our needs.

In so acting and being, we respond in fact to the deepest desire of our Father’s Divine Heart: as children asking the Divine Solver to help them in all needed ways. Meanwhile, in recompense for our filial trust, God the Father does not hesitate to shower us with His heavenly peace in the heart of our souls. Making an effort, therefore, to conciously place our Father first and foremost in our hearts, minds and souls throughout the course of our days, we will find that when we start doing this, everything else will fall neatly into place, no matter how impossible the latter may initially seem.