The cradle of Infinite Love and joy

Living ongoingly in the Divine Heart of God the Father is to live in a immeasurably sweet and tender cradle of Infinite Love while still living down here on earth: an indissoluble union of adoration, love, joy, and bliss, in the midst of the suffering of our earthly toil. In our Father’s Heart we find sorely-needed respite and refreshment from life, drinking in the restoration of Life within us from the very Core of His Divine Heart, through the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We experience God the Father holding us in the heart of our souls, consoling us, loving us and helping us, fulfilling the deepest needs of our beings. Giving us true hope, peace, love, joy, and happiness, when we most need them. But for us to receive and experience the fullness of these heavenly gifts, we cannot simply remain distant and gripe as most of us like to do. We need to both humbly turn to Him and call upon Him as Father, thus touching His Divine Heart with our childlike trust. This causes our Father to be unable to resist our pleas, rapidly descending in turn to our sides from His Heavenly Kingdom, in order to fulfill His function as Parent.

Living in and with God the Father is quite simple to achieve, given that He profoundly desires to unite all of us His children to Himself, encompassing all our hearts in His bosom. We only need to decide to accept Him fully, with true genuineness in our hearts, for our Father to descent spiritually to us in all the splendor and majesty of His Glory. For when we converse intimately with our Father, simply and openly in a childlike manner, God the Father responds by instantly enveloping us in that delightful cocoon of His Love, providing us with everything that we may need.

In these our 21st century days, many of us like to think of ourselves as independent, strong, and assertive human beings: “can do, therefore will do!” However in thinking of ourselves in this manner and striving to be so in most, if not every, aspect of our lives, we essentially forget that we cannot be independent of and from God. Especially if we really desire to be successful in our lives. For such attempted independence only serves to distance us seriously from our Father, given that we can, in reality, never be truly independent of Him since He is Life Itself, hence the very underpinning of the structure of life.

Let us, therefore, not allow our vainglorious ’strength’ make us willfully lose out on all of the help and Love that we can receive from our beloved Father, even during the carrying out of the minutest details of our daily tasks. Let us consent to allow the Most High to carry out His Fatherly function without any impediments from ourselves, in order that He can truly infiltrate and participate in all the intricacies of our lives.

(From The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd ed. rev.).