God the Father – More on His infinite love for us

Sitting atop of all creation, in His Heavenly Kingdom, is our Father, holding us securely in His Divine Heart, nested in His Core of Light and Life, to keep us safely ensconced in His infinite love. Safe from the despicable schemes and endless ravages of the enemy, upon every aspect of our lives and selves; that enemy, the Red Dragon (Rv 12:3) who, with his sycophantic minions including the first and second beasts (Rv 13:1, 13:11), do not rest in their ever-increasing and furious attempts, to claim our eternal souls for themselves. Until they are bound anew, in the abyss of Hell by Michael, the prince of the Heavenly court; conjoined with those supplications of ours that arise to Heaven, in and through the binding chain of Mary’s Rosary (Rv 20:1-3) and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Our Father places situations and people in our midst, to both challenge us to grow increasingly toward Him and fulfill the deepest and most craven needs of our souls, acting intermittently on our behalf, even if we simply utter a pitiful and incomplete plea to Him, from the depths of our hearts. Our Heavenly Father gives us gifts, sweetly and playfully presenting them to us in some of the most surprising, but endlessly delightful, ways; warming up our hearts, minds and souls with joy and happiness, while providing us with everything we need, throughout our daily lives on earth, as He did with the Israelites of old. He makes it so that we do not have to worry, or suffer anxiety and fear, over our futures, if we abandon ourselves with complete filial trust in His Mighty Hands and Divine Providence.

How many of us, therefore, can honestly say that we have ever allowed ourselves to truly wallow in such perfect Paternal and Parental Love, in our lives? How many of us have profoundly desired to be the recipients of such fatherly love, yet have repeatedly come away disappointed to say the least, given the behaviors of some earthly fathers? And yet, this is the true Face of God the Father; He is both freely and readily available, to any and all who truly desire to welcome Him into their hearts as Father. Our Father is right on the doorstep of our hearts, pleading with us and begging us, incessantly, to let Him into ourselves and our lives, so that He can really be our Father in every sense of the word. Such is the incomparable and momentous desire of our holy and omnipotent Father.

God the Father has decided that it is high time that He re-enters into the lives of His children on earth, and this in a much more direct way than what most of us have become used to: namely, in and through the child-Parent relationship that had existed prior to Adam’s Fall. It is comparable, but not analogous, to the way the Father’s Presence had been present among men during the Old Testament era, whereby He had lived among His children, the Israelites, in the physical Ark of the Covenant. The way, therefore, that is slowly but surely ripping away that punitive veil of time and space existent between Heaven and earth, to finally herald in the Reign of God the Father on earth: the Glorious (Eucharistic) Reign in the era of the Holy Spirit, in and through the Divine Will.

(From The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd ed. rev.).