Who is God the Father? He is my Father!

God is my Father! How many of us have really reflected upon the inherent reality of this statement, a statement which also happens to be a fact? Have we ever truly considered the real, personal meaning of this simple, plain, but profoudly powerful fact, within the intricate structure of our daily lives? For example, what does it mean to us personally that God the Father Is the Father of each and every one of us? That is, that for every person who has lived, presently lives, and is yet to live on the face of the earth God literally Is “my Father?” Especially for those of us who either do not have or have access to our earthly fathers any longer, for whatever reason this may be, what does the fact that “God Is my Father” mean in the deepest recesses of our hearts?

In the Core of His Divine Heart, God the Father greatly desires to enter into a truly intimate, personal, and active relationship with every single one of us His children in a fusion of Infinite Love. And this even while we are still living here on earth. So why would we think of letting Him down and even more, in essence and fact letting down ourselves, by continuing to ignore His ongoing pleas to be in and with us at every moment of our lives, given that He Is indeed Our Father? That is, He Is the most Benevolent, Loving, Tender, and Sweet Father that any of us could ever possibly desire to have, both in this life and in the next?

Let us truly consider, therefore, the profound meaning of the fact that “God Is my Father.” So that when we are asked at the end of our lives how we have responded to this question, we will be truly able to give a satisfactory response. That is, we would be able to answer that we have indeed allowed our hearts to open, no matter how minimally, to welcome our One, True, Loving, and Only Father into the complicated fabric of our daily lives.

(From The Divine Heart of God the Father – Infinite Love Encompassing All Hearts).