The sorrow of the Father

If only we knew, in the depths of our souls, how beautiful, tender, sweet and loving our Heavenly Father is! But we do not want to know because we do not want Him anywhere near us, let alone residing with His very Presence within us, so we can keep living in our present ways. He is so sweet and beautiful; such love.

Yet we do not want Him. We do not want Him who gave us birth by His very own hands, through His Will, Word and Spirit. We prefer to live in darkness than light – the Divine Light. To those who experienced parenthood in some way, the following questions are posed:

How would you feel if your child – the child you labored to bring into the world and loved – acted toward you in the above manner? Would it not break your heart? Would you not do everything in your power to bring them back to you, with immense love and tenderness?