On love – 2

The love of God is infinite and ever-present, yet we want neither Him nor His love. We think we know best what we want and need but we do not – not in a million years. We are too proud to bow our heads and knees and say we have sinned against Him who only desires our good; our joy and happiness, both in this life and the next. We think we know it all but we do not.

How long are we going to remain blind, deaf and dumb – obstinately refusing to ask His pardon and, together with the grace of forgiveness, the grace of removing our blindness, deafness and dumbness so we can see the truth of where we are, where we stand? Is this what we truly want for ourselves and others? Is this really the way we want to continue living our lives? Or do we desire something else – something more? The answer is there, but the question remains: Do we want Him Who Is “something more?”