The heart of the soul

Within the deepest recesses of a soul is a place that has been created by God the Father; this place can only be accessed by Himself as First Person of the Holy Trinity. At the moment of our conception, right at the beginning of our cellular development as human beings, the said place within the soul beholds for a split-second the fullness of Life, Light and Love who is its Creator: the Being of our Heavenly Father (St Andrews Productions, 2009). The process occurs before the said core in the soul becomes shut down through original sin, and then re-shut down through all the other sins we commit after baptism, if the latter has taken place. This place of deepest recess in our souls is the heart of the soul.

It is through the profundity and indelibility of this imprint by God the Father, upon the heart of the soul, at the moment of the latter’s creation, that as human beings we are inherently and ongoingly homesick for our true Home, despite the resistance and denial of so many of us, in both acknowledging and opening ourselves up to this simple, fundamental reality. As human beings, made in the image and likeness of God (Gn 1:26-27), we are unable to experience true rest, peace, love, joy and happiness – the peace, love, joy and happiness of Heaven – until we voluntarily allow our souls to return back to their Father, to be lovingly held and cradled in, by and through His all-fulfilling and glorifying Embrace. We were made by and for our Creator, yet we search for respite everywhere except from Him. Thus, our souls are inherently restless, even though we may be unaware of this, because they are continually in a state of relentless searching until they can meet their Father and Creator anew, in the fullness of His Life, Light and Love.

But since most of us are rather far from being saints in our lives and spiritual journeys, is it possible, some may ask, for us to give our souls to God the Father, so that He can reopen the heart of our souls while we are still living down here on earth? Thus, in essence and fact, consenting and asking our Father to descend to live in us, in and through the heart of our souls; enabling us to live in Him, with Him, for Him and through Him in turn, for the rest of our lives? It is both possible and relatively easy to give our souls to our Father, so that He can reopen their heart to the delightful intimacy of His Presence and Light. We can achieve this by genuinely re-purifying and re-dedicating our souls to God the Father, through a formal process of purification and consecration to Him (e.g., St Andrews Productions, 2009). This process of re-purification and re-dedication to God the Father, results in our becoming earthly arks – living temples – of the living God, with our Father reciprocally serving for us as the Ark Himself.

All we need to do is to decide to turn our faces toward Him – even if we initially do this timidly, hesitatingly and, possibly, even somewhat fearfully – with genuineness of intent in our hearts and minds, asking Him with simplicity, faith and filial trust to accept us back into His Divine Heart. This, in essence, telling our Father that we truly desire to be His children from this moment onward, that we really desire Him to become an intimate part of our daily lives. For simplicity, genuineness and sincerity of heart never fail to bring God the Father rushing out to meet us with boundless joy and delight, in a manner analogous, but not limited, to that of the father of the famous prodigal son (Lk 15:11-32): descending most rapidly to fill the entirety of our beings with His infinite Life, Light and Love; in and through the re-opened heart of our souls. In fact, such genuine turning of our faces to Him is the only thing that our Heavenly Father really expects from us, to swiftly come and live with us and in us, as Father. But unless we actively ask our Father for this gift, He will not come to us, continuing to wait patiently on the sidelines of our lives, until we finally make our request to Him, because unlike the dark prince of this world, our Father never violates the domain of our free-will.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd rev. ed.).