The present state of the world

Love for God – especially the Father, our Creator – is largely absent in the hearts, minds and souls of mankind. This absence has caused the world to become spiritually barren once again because hope, love and charity died in the hearts of many individuals. But despite this dire, ever-worsening situation, we experience ongoing difficulty in perceiving and acknowledging such a reality. This is happening because many of us did not allow ourselves to be wooed by the ultimate force of true love, so we continue struggling to understand what and who love really is.

In our discourses, policies, politics and practices, we find ourselves talking about love when we do not know Love. We talk about freedom when we have little idea what real freedom is. We pontificate ceaselessly about liberty when we have no clue about the inherent nature of true liberty. We talk loudly and proudly about god while not taking the time or interest to develop and maintain an intimate relationship with our Father. Many, in fact, never developed that kind of relationship without which none of us can ever truly know God, in terms of the little any of us can ever possibly know of Him because of His infinity and omnipotence.

All of the above is occurring because we do not want to worship. We do not want to bow our heads, we do not want to soften our hearts and minds. We have little to no desire to humble ourselves by bending the knee in front of our Maker and Father. We expect God to accommodate us in the vast majority, if not all, of our entitled ways rather than the other way round. Deep down, we find ourselves with little to no desire to change, preferring that our Father changes His ways instead to suit our proud selves. All this is happening despite the fact many seek and desire to find God. But we only want a god who fits in neatly with our man-made notions of who and what God should be: a god who will not uncomfortably upset the apple-carts of our lives and lifestyles.

We conveniently forget the fact that some of our present lifestyles go directly against God, wounding His Divine Heart and Will by violating His divine law. But instead of dispensing with our false notions we consider as our right to freedom, we deliberately select to make away with the only Father who continues to love us in our entirety despite our willful rebellion. We unhesitatingly erect several false gods under various names, which gods are no different in kind than the entirety of the Ba’als worshiped in ancient times. Consequently, our world became desolate – a neo-pagan desert – once again, more than two thousand years after the birth of Christianity.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd rev. ed.).