An icon of God the Father

Icon of God the Father 2To the right is a portable icon of God the Father that I just completed, barring the drying which will occur over the next few weeks. Dimensions are 20cm x 30cm. Materials are wood with linen and traditional gesso, 23.5 kt gold leaf burnished by hand and natural egg tempera with inorganic pigments.

Before anyone screams that this icon is heretical because the Father is depicted, not Christ; He is shown alone, with a beard, and all the usual arguments from the adherents of sola patristica, read how it is permissible in the Church to paint icons of the Almighty Father. Indeed, it was both common in the early Church and our Father intensely desires to be loved, adored and worshipped with the relative worship of proskynesis as evidenced here and here.

Originally, I intended to paint this icon for myself. But in the process of drawing it and applying the roskrysh and first highlights, the icon became so liked that it will now be in the private possession of an interfaith family. The above icon of God the Father was blessed at Santa Venera Catholic Church, Malta, on the feastday of the Presentation of the Child Mary in the Temple (2013).

Note: If anyone wishes to comment on any of the above, please feel free to email me.