The beauty of God the Father

god-the-father2The beauty of God the Father is unparalleled, seen with the eyes of the soul, and it is impossible to put into words. But a tiny fraction of that beauty can be seen externally all around us. It can be seen in the flowers, the trees, the animals on earth, in the sky, and underwater; the clouds in the heavens and the soil on earth. Yes, even the dirt of the earth can be beautiful when seen through the light of the Holy Spirit.

Many in this post-Christian day and age, however, categorically refuse to see, listen, and comprehend. They consider everything that happens in a natural manner, even grace, eschewing creation and foreclosing its Creator. The Almighty Father continues to love them, despite their rejection of Him and their mockery of His people. He never ceases to desire their return into the only home that we can really call Home, the safety of His bosom.