MY GUEST POST: What is Truth? Icons Revealed


There exists the icon of the Holy Trinity by Saint Andrei Rublev; therefore, God exists (Saint Pavel Florenski).

In our 21st century Western world, base and over-saturated with materiality and sensuality – a growing wasteland that, for the most part, neither knows God, nor does it want to know God – icons are silent, but active, witnesses to the truth. They are an ever-present act of ‘being’ and defiance in the face of those who would eradicate the Face of God from His earth. Icons sing the songs of angels as they remain hung on walls, stuck on shelves or hidden in storage closets, and do not speak. They praise the Lord of hosts despite being unable to move. They testify without cease to the Divine Life even as they possess no life of their own. But as Pontius Pilate said, “What is truth?” (Jn 18:38).

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