MY GUEST POST: Discerning icons – Good and bad

Seraphim of Sarov

In response to my post Icons as Resistance, one of the readers in these Woodlands asked for some guidance as to how – or rather, from where – one can find icons to acquire if one wishes to get a few for the home. In other words, which are good icons to get? And from which should one stay miles away?

I admit, this is a hot topic in this day and age of non-discrimination. It holds most true if one does not have thousands of dollars to shell out to acquire various icons written by known and reputable masters – or to settle a lawsuit alleging discrimination by having dared to prefer in public, in writing, some iconographers over others, without sufficient and documented ’empirical evidence.’ But since it has always been my fortune – or misfortune? – to not be tongue-tied regardless of whatever hat is worn at a specific point in time, I will answer the reader’s question as best I can. Continue reading here.