He will crush your heart

GodtheFather5He will crush your heart so that you can learn to love His people as He desires them to be loved; indeed, as He has loved them Himself. For without a heart that is crushed, it would remain closed or insufficiently open to His people and they would remain unable to enter into His Heart. He will crush your heart so that you become more and more like His Son, taking on not just the image that was imprinted on our souls at conception, but also His beautiful likeness; the likeness of the Lamb and the Lion of Judah.

He will crush your heart so that you will never be better off than your Master and Savior; your Brother. He shall afflict you with some of the same trials, part of the same Chalice, that He bestowed upon His Son for our salvation and deification. In the process you will meet the postmodern-day Judas Iscariot face to face – as traitorous, as hate-filled, as vicious, and no less vengeful than was the original Judas. Even more, He will crush your heart with the same sorrows that were endured by the Mother so that you will know what the salvation of your soul entailed.

Above all, He will crush your heart so that you become the means through which His people, His long-lost and ever-stubborn children, can return to Him in safety. He shall crush your heart so that His children can all finally call out to Him, with the entirety of their beings, the sweet name of Father.


God the Father and ourselves

“There comes a time in each person’s life when they have to become true worshippers of God the Father in Spirit and in truth. For indeed, these are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks to worship Him” (Fr. Francis E. Reilly, March 2014).

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The disposition of our hearts

To what extent do we genuinely possess Love – the very Presence of God the Father – in the heart of our souls? To what degree do we sincerely have true love in our hearts: the love which is both reciprocal and reciprocates Infinite Love? To what extent are we ready, at any given moment, during the course of our daily lives, to set aside the incessantly Continue reading “The disposition of our hearts”

Who is God the Father? He is my Father!

God is my Father! How many of us have really reflected upon the inherent reality of this statement, a statement which also happens to be a fact? Have we ever truly considered the real, personal meaning of this simple, plain, but profoudly powerful fact, within the intricate structure of our daily lives? For example, what does it mean to us personally that  Continue reading “Who is God the Father? He is my Father!”

What do we want?

“What do men want? To become gods or to make gods?”(Augustine of Hippo, Dolbeau 6.3).

Sainthood – The call to holiness in our times

These days many, if not most, of us tend to consider ourselves lucky if we manage to get ourselves to Purgatory. And this statement, unfortunately, applies also to priests, many of whom are setting the bar too low, by focusing primarily on the basics without concurrently retaining the fullness of deification in mind. But Continue reading “Sainthood – The call to holiness in our times”

What is deification or theosis? – Clarification

Deification or theosis is the participation of man in the uncreated Divine Light (Met. Hierotheos, 2010, The science of spiritual medicine). Deification does not simply constitute “the forgiveness of sins through the Holy Spirit but man’s participation in the Holy Spirit. The forgiveness of sins is not the same as participation in the Continue reading “What is deification or theosis? – Clarification”

Faith, knowledge of God, and the deification of man

Two kinds of faith exist: faith derived from hearing and learning, and faith derived from theoria. Although by no means separate from each other, these two kinds of faith are different from each other and naturally result in different kinds of knowledge of God. Faith derived from hearing and learning (simple faith) results  Continue reading “Faith, knowledge of God, and the deification of man”