On icons – 6

In the icon, we see a divine reality which goes beyond the dimensions of this earthly world, but which, at the same time, respects this earthly world because it is created by God to become transfigured in His Spirit. If the representation loses the character of God's mystery, if it reduces this mystery to the …

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On icons and the deification of man – 2

Iconic light becomes incarnate grace, materialized, and it must be received as such in contemplation. Contemplation is not simply passive reception but requires all the dynamism of the spirit; the light of God must therefore be assimilated in order to be transmitted to others. Man thus enters into the divine eros. The knowledge of the …

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On icons and the deification of man

The movement of love which proceeds from the Father spreads out His light on all creatures. By knowledge, episteme, and contemplation, theoria, creatures purify themselves of everything that blocks the realization of the likeness with God and thus elevate themselves to God to become deified - E. Sendler, The Icon: Image of the Invisible.

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NEW RELEASE – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives

In The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives by Marcelle Bartolo-Abela, the lived experiences of the author with the Members of the Divine Family and others are presented openly in print for the first time. These experiences occurred from 2010 through 2012. Written predominantly in a dialogical narrative style suitable for believers and non-believers alike, the author chronicles …

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What is His greatest delight?

Resting and living with His fullness in us, so we can rest and live fully in Him: Omnipotent Love.

Meeting the Divine Light – 21

Deification is God's perfect and full penetration of man (Dumitru Staniloae) Meeting the Divine Light results in our obtaining "a knowledge beyond everything which we experience within the limits of our natural power of knowing . . . [Resulting in] knowledge beyond knowledge . . . The vision of the Divine Light is a vision and …

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Meeting the Divine Light – 20

The hymn below both encapsulates and describes precisely what it is like to meet the indescribable Divine Light: "What is this awesome mystery that is taking place within me? I can find no words to express it: My poor hand is unable to capture it,  In describing the praise and glory that belong To the …

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Who is a theologian? – 3

“If you have not discerned that the eye of your mind has been opened, And that it has seen the light; If you have not perceived the sweetness of the Godhead; If you have not been personally enlightened by the Holy Spirit . . .  If you have not sensed that your heart has been …

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Meeting the Divine Light – 20

When we meet the Divine Light of God in the heart of our souls, we do not need to attempt to "seek out either His nature or the energies of His Holy Spirit; their 'how' or 'why' [because the Light Himself] is sufficient. [He is both] that which is seen and the instrumentality by which …

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Meeting the Divine Light – 19

The Divine Light gives the individual "boldness before God, the boon of speaking to Him as friend to Friend and of interceding on behalf of others . . . It is the robe and crown of glory which Adam lost in Eden . . . the presence now of the world to come, the foretaste …

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Distinguishing between sanctification and deification

When dealing with the Church Fathers, especially those of the primitive Church, we need to keep in mind that differences exist in their language and use of such language, in terms of addressing the mere sanctification of man and his deification through theosis. Specifically, "where we find references to human participation in divine life, there …

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Meeting the Divine Light – 18

"Rapture of the mind does not apply to the perfect but to beginners . . . [For when the soul continues to live in the Divine Light, it is then] initiated into and taught wonders upon wonders, and mysteries upon mysteries . . . [Such a soul] himself becomes a divinely inspired book for others …

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Meeting the Divine Light – 17

Meeting God the Father in His Divine Light entails the vision, the contemplation "not of the divine nature . . . but of the glory of His nature" (Gregory Palamas, The triads). This is what is meant by the respective invisibility/visibility dimension of the essence/energies distinction of the Christian East, a distinction largely absent in …

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Meeting the Divine Light – 16

When we gives ourselves to Him as an act of our free-will, God the Father "becomes intimately present in those who are experiencing His light, and He is no longer seen as the distant cause and unapproachable essence" (Untea, C. 2010. The concept of being in Aquinas and Palamas).