MY GUEST POST: Discerning icons – Good and bad

In response to my post Icons as Resistance, one of the readers in these Woodlands asked for some guidance as to how - or rather, from where - one can find icons to acquire if one wishes to get a few for the home. In other words, which are good icons to get? And from which should one stay miles away?

The people have abandoned God

Short poetic documentary about the state of Eucharistic Adoration in the Catholic Church.

MY GUEST POST: What is Truth? Icons Revealed

There exists the icon of the Holy Trinity by Saint Andrei Rublev; therefore, God exists (Saint Pavel Florenski). In our 21st century Western world, base and over-saturated with materiality and sensuality - a growing wasteland that, for the most part, neither knows God, nor does it want to know God - icons are silent, but active, witnesses …

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The Coming Fulfillment of George Washington’s Third Vision

Son of the Republic, look and learn (The Blessed Virgin Mary at Valley Forge). Many have been those who have tried to find an explanation for the three visions reportedly received by George Washington, the first president of the United States of America, at Valley Forge. Several things have, in fact, been said throughout the years …

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Can Satan give you peace? – Response to a question

The question was asked, "Can Satan give you peace?" The answer is a resounding, "No!" Satan has no peace of his own, being hatred personified. So how can someone who does not have any peace of their own give peace - true peace - to someone else? Only God can give peace because He is …

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The beauty of silence

The beauty of silence is that within it, our heart, mind, body, and soul rest. Silence is very loved by God because prior to creation, there were only God and silence. Nothing else; no one else. Hence in silence you will find God - Him whom you are deep down restlessly seeking, but presently not …

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Why the desert?

"The stillness of the desert provides man with the fittest atmosphere for . . . far from the noise of the world, man implores the help of God and concentrates all his powers so as to erase his passionate attachment to the outside world, overcome his intellect's fragmentation, and achieve spiritual balance. Thus man, 'having entered …

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New icon of God the Father – In progress

Underpainting and roskrysh #1 for new, Catholic panel icon of God the Father. Dimensions: 20cm x 30cm, 23.5kt gold leaf.

Icon drawing of Christ with Joseph the Patriarch

Here is the basic drawing of another icon that I am presently working on. It is a panel icon of Jesus Christ with Joseph, the Patriarch of the Old Testament.

Icon drawing of God the Father

This is the basic drawing of another icon that I am working on. It shows God our Almighty Father on His throne. And before anyone starts yelling that such an icon is heretical, such icons are allowed in the Catholic Church. Moreover, neither does the Orthodox Church forbid them, although many think they do. If …

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