America and Catholic Social Doctrine

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From my newest book Who Are You? What is Your Faith? America’s 21st Century Alt-Right and Catholic Social Doctrinewhich just made Goodreads 2017 Popular Racism Books. Available in paperback and ebook editions from all the usual places:

Chapter 1: 

  1. Who are you? What is your faith?
  2. In the name of God / The imperial presidency

Chapter 2:

  1. Korematsu revisited

Chapter 3: 

  1. Racism in the United States / The American dilemma
  2. Building the new empire
  3. Reactions to overt racism
  4. Outlawing overt racism
  5. Covert racism

Chapter 4:

  1. State of the Nation in 2008 (and afterwards)

Chapter 5:

  1. The effects of racism (with types, forms, frequency, multidimensional results)

Chapter 6:

  1. The first African American US President / Overt racism rises again

Chapter 7:

  1. America’s 21st century alt-right / Make America White again
  2. The new American alt-right population / A presidency of hatred?