Updated: The tolerance of atheists

Given more tweets came in since my previous post on the storified transcript of a twitter convo with atheists online today, regarding the existence of both God and sin, below is the updated transcript which includes the new tweets.

On the existence of God – Updated with latest tweets


The tolerance of atheists

Below is the storified transcript of a twitter conversation which evolved spontaneously on 1/8/13, regarding the existence of God and sin with some online atheists.

On the existence of God

On atheism and God the Father

“According to Lacan at least, there are no atheistic theories, even though they may be believed to exist; in particular, when in the name of a theory someone opposes the notion of God, God is preserved, because the supposition is preserved that the knowledge in question is already there” (Jacques-Alain Miller. [2010]. The non-existent seminar. In The Symptom, Vol. 11).