How God the Father desires to see us

“In beholding His incarnate Son, the Father sees and loves us all as sons and adopts us through the incarnation of his Son” (Staniloae, D. 2003. Theology and the Church).



Meeting the Divine Light – 17

Meeting God the Father in His Divine Light entails the vision, the contemplation “not of the divine nature . . . but of the glory of His nature” (Gregory Palamas, The triads). This is what is meant by the respective invisibility/visibility dimension of the essence/energies distinction of the Christian East, a distinction largely absent in the Christian West, with such Continue reading “Meeting the Divine Light – 17”

Meeting the Divine Light – 16

When we gives ourselves to Him as an act of our free-will, God the Father “becomes intimately present in those who are experiencing His light, and He is no longer seen as the distant cause and unapproachable essence” (Untea, C. 2010. The concept of being in Aquinas and Palamas).

True communion between human beings means love

“Neither genuine existence, nor the good, are known or experienced fully . . . except in loving relationship with other subjects. You must listen respectfully to the other also if you seek to discover other points of view and come to know his never-ending newness. You must listen to him if you wish to see what he also expects of you and come Continue reading “True communion between human beings means love”

Why were we created?

“Man was created and then saved by the Triune God with an eternal process of deification in mind, an unending growth in love” (D. Staniloae, The Holy Trinity: In the beginning there was love).

The fullness of mankind’s deification

We share in His fullness of deification if we want to, because “In Christ the fullness of deity resides in bodily form. Yours is a share of this fullness. In baptism you were not only buried with Him but also raised to life with Him, because you believed in the power of God who raised Him from the dead” (Col 2:9, 12).

Why we were made

We were made as human beings in order to know and live full union with God: deification through uncreated grace. Our redemption through Christ can never be conceived separately from the ultimate goal of the totality of our deification, for “God became Himself man, that man might become God” (Irenaeus of Continue reading “Why we were made”

Being truly alive

“As it is impossible for our body, whether or not it is ill, to move or even live without a soul, so the soul, whether it sins or not, is dead and completely incapable of living eternal life without the Holy Spirit” of God (Symeon the New Theologian). For although a person “may not sin, without the Holy Spirit he is dead or Continue reading “Being truly alive”

Purification, illumination, and deification – 6 – Receiving the Eucharist

“Holy Communion is not a simple act, but presupposes a whole ascetic method. Holy Communion helps a person in accordance with his spiritual state. At the stage of purification, it helps him to be purified. When he is at the stage of illumination, it strengthens him to remain in this state. And at the stage of deification, it Continue reading “Purification, illumination, and deification – 6 – Receiving the Eucharist”