Attaining deification – 2

“Only the believers who are united with the Word of God the Father will obtain incorruptibility” (Gross, J. The divinization of the Christian according to the Greek Fathers, p. 126).


The fullness of mankind’s deification

We share in His fullness of deification if we want to, because “In Christ the fullness of deity resides in bodily form. Yours is a share of this fullness. In baptism you were not only buried with Him but also raised to life with Him, because you believed in the power of God who raised Him from the dead” (Col 2:9, 12).

Death and Life

“Our death is our birth into eternal life. Our efforts in learning how to pray, how to humble ourselves, how to have confidence, not in ourselves, but in the living God, have but one aim: namely, to train us for the great day of our death” (Arch. Zacharias, 2008, The hidden man of the heart, p. 27).