Imagination and prayer from the heart

All prayer from the heart “should be free from fantasy and imagination . . . [because the heart of the soul, the nous that is] caught up in fantasy is incapable of praying purely” (Met. Hierotheos, 2010, The science of spiritual medicine). Therefore, the heart of the soul, “the nous must remain pure and immaterial. Only then can Continue reading “Imagination and prayer from the heart”


Fantasy, imagination and sin

Increased fantasy and imagination is hidden in almost every sin, with two consequences of increased fantasy being as follows:

  1. Distortion of one’s spiritual life, leading the individual to self-deification; and
  2. Psychological abnormalities.  Continue reading “Fantasy, imagination and sin”

Fantasy and attaining holiness

Signs of having acquired the virtues of holiness and chastity are that the soul “ignores those images which defiled fantasy produces during sleep” (St John Cassian).

Imagination and the heart of the soul – 2

“Although the imaginative faculty exists as an energy . . . the act of fantasizing and imagining, particularly when linked with the passions, is a product of man’s Fall and defiles the nous” (Met. Hierotheos. 2000. The science of spiritual medicine, p. 157) – the heart of the soul. This because, by nature, the nous, the heart of the soul, Continue reading “Imagination and the heart of the soul – 2”

Imagination and the heart of the soul

“He who removes pleasure and pain from his flesh has achieved practical virtue. He who rids his soul of forgetfulness and ignorance has successfully attained natural theoria (unceasing noetic prayer; prayer of the heart). He who frees his nous (the heart of the soul) from its multitude of impressions has been initiated into Continue reading “Imagination and the heart of the soul”