Icon of the Woman Clothed With the Sun

Woman Clothed With the Sun

Above is the panel icon of the Woman Clothed With the Sun (Rv 12:1) which I have just finished. Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm. Natural pigments with egg tempera and 23.5kt gold leaf on linen-covered wood with traditional gesso. After it dries, it will be varnished with olifa then taken to the church to be blessed. This icon is going to be in the possession of an interfaith family in Malta (EU).


Icon drawing of the Virgin of Tenderness

Virgin of Tenderness

Drawing of another icon I am working on, this time of the Virgin of Tenderness (Eleusa).

On icons of the Theotokos

Iconography of the Theotokos has a private significance for each human being because it symbolizes his materiality, physicality, and the relation of this matter to the spirit within the person. Through icons of the Theotokos we can observe sublimation and exhalation of this relationship between matter and spirit. In the pagan world, the conflict of this dualism was the most important problem. Through icons we can see that this relationship should manifest like the relationship between mother and son, so that the perfection of the human being is fulfilled – Vladislav Andrejev.

The Woman Clothed With The Sun – 1

Woman Roskrysh 2nd Layer

Just completed second layer of roskrysh for the icon of The Woman Clothed With The Sun (Rv 12:1) – in progress.

The icons of Our Lady of Longmeadow and Saint Michael the Archangel

The icons I recently completed of Our Lady of Longmeadow and Saint Michael have been featured in the galleries at Fine Art America (FAA). The icon of Our Lady of Longmeadow which can now be found at Saint Mary’s Parish Church, Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA, has been featured in the Christian Art, Christian Theme Artwork, Madonna and Women Painters galleries. The icon of Saint Michael which can now be found at the parish church of San Michele Arcangelo a Pietralata, Rome, Italy, has been featured in the Angel Paintings, Christian Theme Artwork and All FAA Artwork galleries.

The icon of Our Lady of Longmeadow

Our Lady of LongmeadowThe icon of Our Lady of Longmeadow that I just completed. It was written at Clare Priory, Suffolk, UK and in Santa Venera, Malta, in 2014 under the supervision of Fr. Richard G. Cannuli. The story behind this icon can be found here.

Dimensions of the icon were 11″ x 14″. Materials included linen-covered wood with natural gesso, 23.5 kt gold leaf burnished by hand, natural egg tempera in the Russian-Byzantine tradition, varnished with olifa upon completion.

The icon will be blessed and installed in its intended home at Saint Mary’s Parish Church, Longmeadow, MA later next month.

The icon of Our Lady of Springfield

Our Lady of Springfield-page-001Some have asked about the icon of Our Lady of Springfield, also known as Our Lady the Protectress. Here it is to the left for your edification. For those of you who may be interested, you can acquire an e-card of the icon here.

What was Adam like?

Another question has been asked: “What was Adam like?” The short answer is before he sinned by buying into the lie that he did not need God and could become God, Adam was beautiful – like the Virgin Mary – because he was fully deified. Before the fall, Adam was in and with God each moment of his Continue reading “What was Adam like?”

What is true love?

The question was asked, “What is true love?” The answer is simple. True love is that which gives to another or others without counting the personal cost of giving. The epitome of true love is found in God the Father who sacrificed His only Son, so we would not suffer to the same degree and be separated Continue reading “What is true love?”

Another review of The Divine Family – Experiential Narratives

The Divine FamilyBy Carol d’Annunzio (Author: Simple Catholic Living).

“Before sharing my thoughts on the book I want to mention that I am not going to state my belief or lack of belief in the narratives described in this book. Each person who reads the book can decide for him or herself whether or not he or she believe the words contained therein. It is not my place to judge either way and I will leave my comments to the actual content of the book.

“Having said that, The Divine Family is Continue reading “Another review of The Divine Family – Experiential Narratives”