The pure love of God

The pure love of God – the Most Holy Trinity – through the ceaseless entreaties of the holy and pure Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, will bring real peace to the world. To them, therefore, it is to whom you have to turn for thus has it been written in Scripture. Nothing else; no one else.


Can Satan give you peace? – Response to a question

The question was asked, “Can Satan give you peace?” The answer is a resounding, “No!” Satan has no peace of his own, being hatred personified. So how can someone who does not have any peace of their own give peace – true peace – to someone else?

Only God can give peace because He is peace in Himself. In fact, one of the markers of a lack of the necessary centrality of God in people’s lives is a lack of peace, because where God truly resides, there is peace.

Can Satan mimic peace? Response to a question

The question was asked, “Can Satan mimic peace?” The answer is in the negative. Peace is the one quality that Satan cannot mimic because he has none of his own to give. Only God can give peace – true peace – as He is order and peace in Himself.

How do we discern God from the devil? – Response to a question

The question was asked, “How can one discern whether something is from God or from the Devil?” Naturally, there are several issues to consider, as well as modes of discernment and confirmation. But the brief, simple response is: “Peace, as God both is Peace Himself and gives peace.” The Devil – Satan – can mimic  Continue reading “How do we discern God from the devil? – Response to a question”

Where do we find peace?

Where do we find peace, true peace? In the Heart and Will of God our Almighty Father. Everything else is nothing but a sham.

On peace – 2

Only hearts filled with Peace Himself can give peace to others and the world at large, for we can only give from what we have inside ourselves. Yet we keep on seeking peace in every place except at the feet of Him Who can grant us peace: God the Almighty Father.

On peace

How can we expect to have or attain peace in the world, if we keep on attempting to foreclose Him Who is Peace in all our earthly endeavors? Only one solution will bring us peace on earth: we need to return to the Father and beg Him to endow each one of us with His peace. Only then will peace ensue in the world.

The peace of God

The peace which transcends all understanding (Phil 4:7) is what God our Father gives us through His Son, Spirit and Daughter, whenever we ask Him for assistance. Never does He deny us such peace, unequalled in quality, which ensconces us safely in the Divine, Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. But to receive it, we must ask for it.

Deification and the Era of Peace

“Now that the ages arranged by decree beforehand to accomplish the work by which God has truly achieved and fulfilled His perfect incarnation, we must henceforth wait for those other ages to come, which have been arranged to accomplish the work of man’s mystical and ineffable deification” (Maximus the Confessor, PG 90.317D).

God our Almighty Father

He does not simply provide us with peace, love, joy, and happiness when we allow Him to. God our most beautiful and Almighty Father Is Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness. Moreover, where He truly is welcomed there cannot be disorder and chaos, for Our Father Is Order.