Spiritual health and illness – 6 – Spiritual illness

When a person is spiritually unhealthy, spiritually ill, the heart of his soul – the nous – ends up being directed and dominated by reason, deifying the latter, instead of imbuing reason with grace, thus achieving the appropriate balance between faith and reason. Attuning our nous, the heart of our soul, through purifying Continue reading “Spiritual health and illness – 6 – Spiritual illness”


The meaning of illumination

The illumination of one’s soul, better known as the illumination of conscience, is in both essence and fact the healing of the soul that is ill, for it entails reopening the heart of the soul, the nous, to God the Father and His Truth, Jesus Christ; hence, to Knowledge – true (interior, experiential) knowledge – of God, after it has Continue reading “The meaning of illumination”

The need for Confession

“If we learn to open ourselves to God, we avoid many problems which are the result of the inner isolation of our soul. Confession . . . abolishes the monologue with ourselves and opens up a dialogue with the living God” (Met. Hierotheos, The illness and cure of the soul, p. 174).