NEW RELEASE – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives

The Divine FamilyIn The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives by Marcelle Bartolo-Abela, the lived experiences of the author with the Members of the Divine Family and others are presented openly in print for the first time. These experiences occurred from 2010 through 2012. Written predominantly in a dialogical narrative style suitable for believers and non-believers alike, the author chronicles first-hand some of her personal experiences with the archangels Michael and Raphael; demons and Satan, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father. Continue reading “NEW RELEASE – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives”


The Tenderness and Mercy of God the Father in the Illumination of Conscience

The immense tenderness that exudes from our Father’s Divine Heart has to be experienced to be truly known. God the Father is the most tender and intensely loving Parent: never pushing any of us beyond what we can endure in the moment, although He continually sets progressively higher targets for us to achieve, to facilitate our spiritual growth in our Continue reading “The Tenderness and Mercy of God the Father in the Illumination of Conscience”

Hell is real

Hell is real

An endless abyss, a bottomless void, of acute desolation. Then intense, unremitting hatred from Satan and his demons, with petrifying terror, while they grab at you from every side, at times almost literally dislocating your limbs and ripping your heart out from your body, to pull you down with them into their perpetual, infernal abode. That is what the Continue reading “Hell is real”

Spiritual health and illness – 5 – Spiritual maturity

A person who is spiritually healthy, spiritually mature, is one in whom the Holy Spirit is allowed to act fully. Thus, one who is spiritually healthy:

  1. “is intoxicated with God’s love . . . [he] can sense God’s love in both joy and sorrow, in suffering and delight . . . [The heart of his or her soul, the] nous Continue reading “Spiritual health and illness – 5 – Spiritual maturity”

The three pits of Satan

According to St John Climacus, Satan and his demon-minions attempt to set three pits for us, to make us fall one way or another. Satan and his minions (1) strongly attempt “to prevent good from being done.” If this fails, then (2) they attempt to ensure that things are not done “according to the Will of God.” If this also fails, Continue reading “The three pits of Satan”

Fantasy, imagination and sin

Increased fantasy and imagination is hidden in almost every sin, with two consequences of increased fantasy being as follows:

  1. Distortion of one’s spiritual life, leading the individual to self-deification; and
  2. Psychological abnormalities.  Continue reading “Fantasy, imagination and sin”

Envy – Some outcomes

Envy in individuals – a derivative of pride – results in some of the following outcomes:


  1. A carnal life – life of the flesh – because the fruits of envy are the Continue reading “Envy – Some outcomes”

Pride, envy and self-esteem

Pride gives rise to envy, which is the destroyer of men’s souls, because murder, in any of its dimensions, is the fruit of envy. Meanwhile, self-esteem – instead of being healthy as so many think these days – gives rise directly to falsehood and hypocrisy (St Thalassios). A leading indicator of the presence of pride in the individual is Continue reading “Pride, envy and self-esteem”

The mother of all vices

The mother of all vices is self-love because it leads directly to “self-praise, self-satisfaction, gluttony, unchastity, self-esteem, jealousy . . . [and] pride” (Hesychios the Priest). Furthermore, self-love hides all the other inordinate passions within it (John Climacus) and leads to avarice (Maximus the Confessor). Self-love Continue reading “The mother of all vices”

The meaning of illumination

The illumination of one’s soul, better known as the illumination of conscience, is in both essence and fact the healing of the soul that is ill, for it entails reopening the heart of the soul, the nous, to God the Father and His Truth, Jesus Christ; hence, to Knowledge – true (interior, experiential) knowledge – of God, after it has Continue reading “The meaning of illumination”