Why we were made

We were made not for ourselves but for God, to love Him intimately as He so intensely desires that we allow Him to similarly love us. But many of us have forgotten why we were made. We think we were created for ourselves – our own aims, goals and benefits – but such thoughts are erroneous. We were made for God, to live in Him, through Him, to the full capacities of our beings.


The heart of the soul

Within the deepest recesses of a soul is a place that has been created by God the Father; this place can only be accessed by Himself as First Person of the Holy Trinity. At the moment of our conception, right at the beginning of our cellular development as human beings, the said Continue reading “The heart of the soul”

The disposition of our hearts

To what extent do we genuinely possess Love – the very Presence of God the Father – in the heart of our souls? To what degree do we sincerely have true love in our hearts: the love which is both reciprocal and reciprocates Infinite Love? To what extent are we ready, at any given moment, during the course of our daily lives, to set aside the incessantly Continue reading “The disposition of our hearts”

A fusion of Hearts

From the Core of the Divine Heart of God the Father radiates forth all Life, Light and Love, because He is the Creator. It is from this very Core, that can be considered as the heart of the Divine Heart, that our Father is united in Oneness with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, because all of the aforementioned originates from the fusion of these two Hearts Continue reading “A fusion of Hearts”

The true meaning of deification

Deification or “the divinization of the Christian is not an identification with God; it is only an assimilation, a very eminent restoration of the original divine likeness . . . The Christian participates by grace in the perfections that God possesses by nature . . . [Hence] due to the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit in the righteous, the Spirit transforms the Continue reading “The true meaning of deification”

The three stages of our love for God

According to St Nikitas Stithatos, the three stages of our love for God is as follows:

  1. In the first stage we experience “contempt for visible and human things,” as part of our beginning love for God;  Continue reading “The three stages of our love for God”

Spiritual medicine

What is spiritual medicine?

Spiritual medicine is “to provide the soul with wings, to rescue it from the world and give it to God, and to watch over that which is in His image, if it remains; to take it by the hand, if it is in danger of being lost; or restore it, if it has been ruined; to make Christ dwell Continue reading “Spiritual medicine”

Why Satan and his minions hate us

Satan “being the vessel of all evil, he has also received the sickness of envy, and he envied our honor. For he could not stand our carefree life in paradise. Therefore, by deceiving man with tricks and evil methods and by making deceptive use of the desire in man to attain to the likeness of God, he showed him the tree and promised him that he would Continue reading “Why Satan and his minions hate us”

God, man and deification

“Man was created by the will of God alone, but he cannot be deified by it alone. A single will for creation, but two for deification. A single will to raise up the image, but two to make the image into a likeness. The love of God for man is so great that it cannot constrain, for there is no love without respect” (V. Lossky).

To the stones of the world

Love exists no longer now because the world has become extremely cold. And yet it would not need to be so, had you to return into God the Father’s arms. “Return, return” Our Father says; indeed He will set you completely free. Yet you neither return nor listen, because your heart has turned to stone.  Continue reading “To the stones of the world”