On suffering – IV

To win grace for the most recalcitrant souls, only one thing works – suffering. This is very precious in the eyes of God our Father, resulting in even the most unimaginable graces being poured out, because it is the same thing His Son wholeheartedly did to redeem us and re-open the gate so the Father’s Kingdom could come on earth.


On suffering – III

Every inch of suffering is worth it for souls. Every inch. But how many of us are willing to accept this in our lives, for this particular reason? How many of us truly love?

On suffering – II

Unless one has carried their cross of suffering daily, no matter the content of the suffering, how can one speak in truth about the cross?

On suffering – 1

How can you carry someone adequately in your heart unless you have first suffered for them ? That is the main reason for suffering: to become able to love others as our Father loves them and to win grace for them.